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The Free Town Project 2.0

Written by Sharon Clark. 2.15.22


To live for a good cause is it’s own reward. I spent years behind a desk, knowing I could never feel enough horror watching the suffering of victims of police and state. It was so brutal. So blatant. And I couldn’t do anything about it. But I didn’t want to look…

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Four Arguments for Self Ownership

April 12th, 2019. Written by S. A. Clark

Ethics has to do with the inherent value of things that helps to inform choices that effect those values. It asks the question “What should be done?” We have already begun to look at this.

A Right is a domain of authority, or a moral claim to own…

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Praxeology—Why Capitalism Makes Sense

May 23rd, 2020. Written by S. A. Clark

While the principles of property rights and prosperity are timeless, they are also particularly timely. It seems when things go south in societies, there is a knee-jerk reaction to suspend the free market and embrace central control. Even though there is a…

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Building an Aggression Resistant Society -- the Porcfest Speech

July 3rd, 2021. Written by S. A. Clark

You own yourself. If you don’t own yourself, you own nothing at all. This is your life to explore and create. Anyone who takes your choices away for your own life is eating away at the one life you have.

Libertarianism is more than a political ideolog…

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Wesley's Story--A Case for Educational Choice

   My parents sent me to public school when I was six years old.  At the time I could read at better than a fourth grade level.  I didn't know much phonics, but about as much as was taught in public school, since that was in the look/say, Dick-and-Jane era, when phonics were de-emphasized, and a gen…

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