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Free Grafton


Who are we?

Free Grafton is a movement comprised of local Graftonites and freedom-lovers moving to Grafton to experience freedom in our lifetime. Inspired by The Free State Project (, we come together to increase our voting power and ability to collaborate with other activists, as well as enjoy and benefit from a community of like-minded people.

We are comprised of libertarians, voluntaryists, and anarcho-capitalists. We believe in individual rights--that everyone owns themselves. We believe that any government must not be an expression of one group dominating another through force, but rather the means through which each person's right to life and property is protected from the force of others. We believe that government, as the mere creation of individuals, cannot posses more rights or authority than those individuals comprising it, and may not do more than those individuals could do in its absence. We believe that society should be ordered through voluntary agreement.

We believe in the Non-Aggression Principle: that one person may not initiate force or the threat of force against another.

Many founding fathers were libertarians. We are similar to the left in that we uphold personal freedoms, such as the right to take substances or engage in consensual relationships without legal punishment, and we are similar to the right in that we uphold economic freedoms, such as low taxes and few business regulations. Because of this, we have a lot of common ground with those around us, and can find ways to work with our communities to make changes that we each believe need to be realized.

Our Vision for Grafton

The Right to be Left Alone
Self Reliance
Property Rights
Alternative Education

Friends of Liberty Market and Potluck

Every Second Sunday

Location TBA on FB

4:00 pm - Market

5:00 pm - Potluck


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