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Delicious Low Hanging Fruit Activism

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Share content you like

Share activist alerts you care about
Email committee members and representatives on issues you care about. This could be 1-2 sentences 1-2 times per week. An example.
Download Signal, Telegram, or Element. Use private and censorship proof social media
[TBD] Pick a yard sign for us to put up
Pick brochures to display in your business
Sign petitions
Let a crypto enthusiast set you up to receive crypto currency as payment that turns into cash in your bank account
Advertise your business in a liberty directory
Advertise jobs on the FSP Job Alert Facebook Group
Consider hiring new movers to help them get in the state
Network at events -
Have a Hipcamp on your land, advertise on Porcbnb

Dedicated Activist

Rent to new movers

Host a mesh node

Use crypto currency

Have good digital security

Go to a protest

Watch or attend local government meetings

Teach a class for homeschoolers

Learn Permaculture

Grow a garden

Get off grid

Learn your rights

Record police stops

Read the NH Constitution

Read Rothbard

Join the NHLA and review bills

Testify in the state house committees on good or bad bills


Champion Activist

Run for office

Be a primary challenger to a bad politician

Write legislation or warrant articles

Start a business that decentralizes power

Start a group to champion a cause

Produce media

Donate to the most effective liberty groups